Wedding decoration is a Personal Taste

When we talk about the right price, we have so many levels of budget calculation to discuss. A customized decoration package for one client, may not be the same for another client’s need. That’s why we always discuss and get to personal approach with each client.

To get a perfect price or decoration package proposal, you must know which vendor that might match with your concept, whom will understand your brief and you already know their price range for some decorations.

Once you get the wedding organizer/wedding planner, they will ask about the whole wedding budget that you want to spend. After budgeting for every vendor based on your needs/party concept, then you will get the budget for decoration.
When you want the decorator vendor to create the quotation, it might be good if you can share the budget other than the concept itself. It’s important that the professional wedding decorator knows their client’s limit when they want to actualize every client’s dream. Therefore, they can create a perfect proposal for your decoration needs and also in your expecting budget.

Some tips to get the perfect quotation based on your decoration needs:
Make the whole budget for your wedding.
Don’t hide your real budget, let all vendors know your limit.
Create a simple brief that you can share to each vendor.
The advantages when you create a brief from several resources and inform the budget, the vendor might create the proposal that has been adjusted with all budget references and all materials that will be available to create your wedding decoration dream.
After all vendors give their best price & proposal based on your needs/brief, it will get easier for you to choose which vendor you love the most. But eventually, everything must start from your dream concept.

Konsep Sejiwa as a professional wedding decorator in Bali, knows that clients will always expect the best price and maybe the best discount. That’s why we can provide two types of proposal. One that we create everything from the client’s brief, and the other one with provided concept, look, & budget price from us, so the decoration will look similar to the package decoration template.

All of these choices are to make the clients feeling more comfortable when they should discuss and to have more inspirations to build their perfect dreams.