We Are Ready for the New Normal, New Hope in Bali

In our previous blog, we’ve mentioned that, we know wedding destination might have several new health procedures that we should adjust. It might be a long journey to be a common sense and there might be additional budget. But this is the new normal, and the kind of new hope we can gratitude. We should try to adapt as fast as we can afford. And the most important thing is, we are in this together.

In wedding decoration, all professional decoration vendors are already listed some new regulations or ideas that can come out with a decoration that is still beautiful and memorable, also apply all new normal regulation that has been suggested.

Here are some breakdowns we wish to share:

Apply physical distancing
In normal situation, we will arrange 1 package of round table for 10 pax. But in new normal, this will be changed to 5-6 pax in 1 package of round table, to keep the physical distancing.

Safe & hygiene
Beside that, each vendor is responsible for their own hygienic properties before entering the venue.
In normal situation, the “clear area” moment will be suggested 1 hour before the event begins. But in new normal, we might need 4-5 hours to disinfectant each area, decoration properties, and everything that needs to be sterilized in the ceremony/reception area.

Beautiful in details
Along with the budget or the wedding event scale that has been adjusted, there are plenty of wedding decoration ideas we can share. When the party needs to avoid guests’ traffic, they can enjoy the party from their table instead. So, let’s create something more special on each table, more detailing in table scape arrangement, and safer for everyone for sure.

More exploration in concept, design, and styling
Since everyone will be enjoying the party from their table and there is separation for each area, we are suggesting to have a better design development containing details and local products, use everything that already available without new production process

Budget wise as needed (you can do it even in your own spacious backyard)
Since the number of guests will be restricted and you have a spacious backyard, you can use it for your ceremony and dinner area. So, the assumption is you don’t need an extra big area to have your wedding. The party will be filled with intimacy and you can use a video streaming vendor to share your wedding with others and distant families.

Intimate wedding party vibes
Use everything from local product and local market, adjusting your decoration needs and budget, adjusting the number of guests, and including your personal flower materials. In normal situation, we usually provide all personal flowers with imported flowers, but this is the time we can use all local flowers and increase our creativity to arrange all local flowers as elegant, bold, and beautiful as imported personal flowers. We can do bigger, better, and prettier.

Now, let’s keep your wedding dream in mind and share with us all the ideas you have. The planning process is always been a fun part. You can still enjoy it, no stress needed.