The Simplification for Your New Intimate Wedding Arrangement

Bali is always a good idea! Even in this Pandemic Covid19, Bali still has “the touch” for wedding event. Bali, with its amazing view and beautiful sunset will give you an unforgettable wedding moment. Bali will give your wedding stories more personalities and intimate party ambiance that will be captured in each picture.

Some regulations have been made after we (hopefully) make peace, living side by side with Covid19 and we are ready to adapt some new normal regulations. In this pandemic situation, every condition is always been created to avoid the people traffic in one place. In terms of intimate wedding arrangement, this new situation / regulation is like more creativity or concept to build up.

And here are some thoughts / ideas that we, as Bali Wedding Decoration and Florist, loved the most:

The wedding event can only have 30 guests maximum
The idea is, create your wedding concept more intimate and beautiful, use your budget to actualize your truly wedding dream
When registration is no longer allowed to be used in reception area,
the idea is, we can create a personal place card that people can get on their plate. All guests can write the notes / messages for couple along with their name, and by the end of the party, all the place card will be collected by the organizer. The place card can also function as information of their seats.
When round guest tables are allowed for 5 Pax maximum instead of 10 Pax.
The idea is, to make your centerpieces on each table and all decoration properties stunning than others. And of course, hygienic and clean.
When all the buffet is no longer allowed, make all tables comfortable for all the guests, especially the seating arrangement and they get cozy enjoying all the foods and party
When all set up timeline and all team who works for your wedding day are limited by the rules, try to adapt by making a concept that is still beautiful, still “you”, romantic, intimate, and memorable for everyone. It doesn’t have to be grand and glamorous, the important thing is, everyone can still enjoy the party, feel safe, and comfortable.

And for all conditions above, you are lucky because your wedding is in Bali, one of the most beautiful islands in the world and one of the most favorite wedding destinations with amazing natures and romantic view, without complicated decoration whatsoever.
Your job is done in the first place.