The New Normal in Wedding Industry

As we know, Covid-19 Pandemic will still be with us until quite some time, until the vaccine is invented. As many expert’s speculation as well, we have to manage the new normal in our daily routine and in our working space, we should be adapted with Covid-19, living side by side and make peace with it. Many businesses are struggling, many events have been postponed and even cancelled. Let’s not lose our hope, because, the new normal is applicable as long as we are discipline and committed.

We gathered some forum discussions and some sources in wedding blogs, the new normal in wedding industry is also will be applied soon. Because we know, our life is always moving forward so as the routines. We still have to work, the students still have to study, economy still has to recover soon and grow back, and also the government still have to manage what best for all of us, all of the citizen. It’s the circle of life and so does wedding. As we understand, the adaptation of wedding arrangement after covid-19 break, still has to be done with many adjusted rules in some venues and vendors.

Konsep Sejiwa as Bali Wedding Decoration and flowers styling in Bali knows that most of the clients that having their wedding destination in Bali are concern about the budget and the guests whom are coming all the way to Bali. We professionally prepare and applied the new normal in wedding industry, therefore our clients will feel safe with their wedding cost calculation, safe with their health and can still have a blast in their wedding day at the same time.

In terms of our own work and team, we are committed to:
Apply all hygienic details in our daily working hours, wash our hands, applying hand sanitizer, wearing gloves when needed, and cleaning all the decoration properties regularly.
Apply all health procedure to keep our workers and client’s safety, such as, we check our temperature before we go to the office, doing daily activities and during events. Anyone with body temperature above normal must return home immediately and self-quarantine.
As “working from home” is still recommended regarding the covid-19 break, we work as usual by online. People and client can still easily reach us on WhatsApp, emails, and have a discussion in many online meeting applications.
Manage our portfolio on website and social media, as a virtual expo every day. We want to be part in this “We are not in the same boat, but we are in the same storm” together with the world, as we create many ideas and special prices to get our clients feel comfortable during their wedding preparation.
Be flexible to reschedule the wedding event if a must.