Dessy & Nicholas

The Simplest Couple We’ve Ever Met

They approved our proposal since the first one, they approved all of our 1st draft designs on each section we sent. The couple surely became our favorite.

They were simple, but they still know what their need. Dessy is Indonesian and Nicholas is Australian. They know and understand each other, what culture from each side that they wanted to bring in their wedding event. Dessy really cared about Nicholas’s family, what they love and what they hope in their wedding. Nicholas also understood that from Dessy’s side as Indonesian family, surely, they had a special arrangement that she wanted to apply since the Indonesian family intended to have a “bigger wedding party” and invite more guests, with more stunning decoration to be installed. And Nicholas don’t mind to have all of those points in their wedding program.

All wedding programs were prepared smoothly and the wedding decoration designs were supervised by Dessy herself. She really cared about incorporated color palette from the wedding invitation, wedding souvenir and the decoration. And she made sure each design on each section can be a photo backdrop for the whole big families. They didn’t want a bridal table, because they wanted to be surrounded by everyone.

Every arrangement and plan had been created for their special wedding, they wanted everyone to get to know each other and be comfortable. At the end, we were happy to look at each of their beautiful pictures, as if we were joining the party as well.


Dessy & Nicholas






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