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Pastel colors are a decorating idea that we often hear. The colors look more youthful and soft. Colors that look brighter and younger, this type of color is not as strong compared to the other colors. Pastel becomes a favorite color that will be included in the wishlist of decorative colors for the bride and groom, more precisely by the bride to be. These pastel colors are identical with feminine, soft, and girly characters.

Pastels are not only used in wedding decorations but can also be selected for wedding dresses, souvenirs, hand bouquets, wedding cakes, and many more. Although the color that is often used is, white. However, if the bride and groom are bored with white color decorations and want to be different from the others, Pastel colors are the solution that the bride and groom can use in realizing their wedding decorations.


Wenny & Hartono


22 June 2019




The Royal Santrian, Nusa Dua , Bali

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