The Apurva kempinski Bali

Standard Ceremony Decoration Package

A wedding venue chosen by the couple must have its own characteristics that we cannot eliminate. One of them is the wedding venue in Bali which has become one of the silent witnesses for couples who make their wedding vows there. Kempinski has a chapel with bamboo ambience. As one of the decorators in Bali, we really appreciate these characteristics.

We adjust the client's chosen decoration to its place. As a decorator team that has been selected by the client who went through several fairly long processes will certainly try to do the best in accordance with their wishes. All parties can enjoy the beauty of decoration and special features of the venue chosen by the couples. As one example of this chapel owned by the Kempinski Bali. We customize decorations by using petals and playing in colors to make it look beautiful.


The Apurva Kempinski Bali




Modern Tropical Style

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