Angelina & Michael

Our long‐distance discussion over a year made everything perfect!

We met sweet Angelina’s parents in our booth during an exhibition in Jakarta. Angelina’s mother was carefully mentioned all messages from Angelina, that was still living oversea at that time. We instantly felt connected to Angelina’s parents. And felt the same way when we’ve touched base with Angelina. We lived in a different time zone, nearly 24hrs difference but it seemed that we always got easy to communicate in any time.

Once we got connected with Angelina directly, she seemed to know what she wanted for her wedding. And she is also a professional architect, so she knew well about the decoration placement and layout. She knew what best for her decoration based on all her needs. We discussed over WhatsApp and Email back and forth, until about 2 weeks, she and Michael decided to use our decoration service. We were so excited knowing that we will work with Angelina. That time we knew, although we have prepared all the design a year before, but we will meet Angelina personally 2 weeks before the wedding.

Without any obstacle whatsoever, we processed the design for Angelina & Michael’s wedding decoration. We were communicating on WhatsApp and email only. Angelina wanted the party to have a cozy ambiance for all guests, so she cared about the lounge area. We put all the lounges in certain areas and Angelina really cared about the wedding program event and guests flow. We really glad that we could be part of their wedding, and we knew we must deliver our best, as perfect as Angelina’s did for all her preparation.

Finally, all wedding decoration set up made Angelina & Michael really happy. 7 months before the wedding Angelia lost her beloved Dad, that we’ve met during the exhibition. That moment made us extra care on preparing the perfect decoration design and set up for Angelina and Michael. We wanted to see her and her mother smile. And we successfully made it happened.


Angelina & Michael


14 September 2019


Villa Vedas

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