Lonnie & Ka Lun Ng

Nature Garden Wedding Theme

Lonnie is a baby’s breath flower lover. She wanted every area was showered and arranged with mostly baby’s breath flowers. Since the baby’s breath is not a cheap choice, we advised Lonnie to combine with some local flowers and other white flowers type to manage their budget. She loved the idea.

During the design process, Lonnie always shared her detail ideas and very careful. She loved the idea of casual private party with only their closest friends and families. She knew that sharing their love story was very important. So she wanted to create a giant backdrop to show their love journey. Everything was full of Lonnie’s personal touch and their dreams.

As their wedding decorator, we tried to professionally deliver all their requirements, one of them was by showing the shape of a bunch of baby’s breath, which the flower’s character is a small flower. Once we gathered all the small flowers type, the results was so dreamy and magical. We added some other white flower types such as white rose, white carnation, white hydrangea, and one of our favourite local flowers, white phalaenopsis (orchid). The decoration arrangement was beautiful, but also gave a clean and modern effect at the same time.

By the time all been set up, we love all the decoration sections. The feeling and ambiance was matched with the mood board references and designs. The wedding ceremony and reception dinner area’s concepts/colors were blended perfectly.

We knew Lonnie would’ve loved it by the time she and Ka Lun walked into the chapel and showered with white flowers.

Here’s to more upcoming love story to share!


Lonnie & Ka Lun Ng


6 April 2019


Simple Elegant


Conrad Bali

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