Stevie & Harris

Flowery Summer Wedding

When Stevie came to us, she already knew what she wanted. And the most important thing was, she knew how much the budget she wanted to spend for herwedding decoration. Harris, in the other hand, was a very practical person, but he was really cared about all Stevie’s dreams. And our job, as wedding decorator, should managed both of their concerns.

Stevie wanted her wedding decoration to be colourful and elegant, yet fresh that we combined with little oranges everywhere. She also loved how all the twigs went and “akar-akaran” styled on every table. It was always fun when we had a brainstorming together. They shared their dreams, we professionally assisted with some input, ideas, and also managed the budget, therefore they felt comfortable and “saved”. They also trusted us when we gave them some advice, they knew that what we did was all for their successful wedding event with worth of money as calculated.

And when the wedding day came, they loved everything that we installed and styled, each of them based on designs that was already being approved by Stevie & Harris. They loved every part, every detail, every area, from ceremony, tea ceremony and dinner reception area. The colour combinations were correct, the flowers were perfect. And we are happy beyond words when our client is satisfied with our hard works because this is their once in a lifetime event and we are trully proud to be part of every lifetime wedding event. Congratulations once again Stevie & Harris!


Stevie & Harris


15 March 2019


Floral Fruity


Villa Latitude Bali

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