Private Event

Elegant Private Dinner in Greeneries Theme

As Bali wedding decorator and florist, we all love all decoration themes and are interested in all color combinations. But modern and clean greeneries are one of our favorites. With the right flower selection and the appropriate greyish green leaf selection, modern effects will be easy to obtain.

Greeneries does not mean rustic and not merely using wood as supporting elements. Greeneries are more towards a beautiful garden theme with flowers and leaves arrangements. Therefore, it gives the impression of setting up leaves that are connected, but not cluttered.

Private event without many guests, is perfect with a long table arrangement, so that the impression of intimate and elegant is maintained. Coupled with neatly arranged candles with the appropriate candle holders. Determination on types of flowers and leaves are also evenly distributed in each section, starting from the registration area, photo gallery, cocktail area and dinner area, so the guests can feel the single unity of decoration theme that wish to be displayed.

Also, with the lighting decoration set up, it is intended for an event that is simple and elegant, so that the design choices are chosen elegantly and neatly hung.

The Clean & Modern Elegant Greeneries theme is also very suitable to be applied in new normal decor themes at this time, because the impression is simple and not too difficult to do but still looks very pretty.

You can also add it with a soft pink color if you don't want it to be too pale or too greeneries garden.

Let's make your own greeneries theme!


Private Event


22 February 2020


Clean & Modern Elegant Greeneries


Villa The Surga

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