Keke & Gani

Cozy Rustic Wedding

Keke, first came to Konsep Sejiwa and met us already with a very clear decoration concept. Konsep Sejiwa is a bali wedding decoration that was chosen as one of the vendors in their wedding.  At that time Keke also told us how much budget she wanted to spend on their wedding decorations. Keke tells any color that you want to show more. Keke likes the colors white and green and he wants to accentuate pampas.

Cortaderia selloana, commonly known as pampas grass, is a flowering plant native to southern South America. Pampas has become one of the trends in bali wedding flower styling and Floris that are sought after by couples. The integration of traditional culture with a cozy rustic decoration theme makes the ceremony decorations look very unique and beautiful. Keke was able to deliver the wedding decoration ideas they had dreamed  in Konsep Sejiwa.

Konsep Sejiwa succeeded in realizing all of the decor concepts that Keke dreamed of Konsep Sejiwa. We managed to make it happen on their wedding day. Wedding decoration with a touch of flower styling of pampas grass and preserved leaves makes the decoration look more rustic and elegant. Konsep Sejiwa  is one of the Bali decorators who can realize the concept of your wedding decoration with one of the Bali wedding designers who have experience of decoration


Keke & Gani


27 April 2019




Villa Anugrah, Uluwatu

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