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Conrad Bridal Room Preparation

A Perfect Concept for Your Wedding Decoration / Private Event in This New Normal Era

When all people get confused, worry, and nervous in this Pandemic Covid19 situation, don’t cancel your wedding event, just postpone it. We can still create all the good things and adjust all the budget for the perfect party concept.

First, adjust the number of guests. Then discuss with your wedding planner or the chosen venue, what’s the new normal regulation we need to follow. After you get informed, you can discuss directly to your vendor and make adjustment on all plans.

Here are some good things about the adjustment if you want to have a wedding in new normal era :
1. When you should adjust the number of guest and choose another venue to adjust → choose the venue that has an intimate vibe.
2. As a wedding decoration, our suggestion is that all of our clients settle the changes first, then we can discuss the concept adjustment, based on all new normal rules, we might catch up with timeline, we might have to adjust the heavy decoration and other details.
3. When at first you will have round table arrangements for all sitting guests, now you can change it to long tables for number of guests that have been adjusted, which is more intimate and more fun ambiance.
4. When you have some additional expenses to arrange for your wedding in Bali during Pandemic issue, you can ask for an affordable package, which we believe, all vendors have. And a good price, comes with a good trusted quality vendor.
5. When you should adjust the number of guests, you might consider upgrading all vendors package, including upgrade your wedding decoration concept.

In terms of new normal regulation that we all should follow, there might be a hidden wedding dream waiting to be fulfilled. There are always some hard ways leading us all to a beautiful moment. Let’s create yours.


Conrad Bridal Room Preparation


19 September 2019


Conrad Bali Hotel

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