Stephanie & Kevin

Chic Earth Tone Wedding Theme

Earthy color wedding tone makes the nuances of wedding decorations look rustic. The colors that are often used is brown, ivory color, gray, and a little bit of green color gives a touch of nature that seems very real. With combination of twigs and dried flowers, which is lately quite famous in the wedding decoration. For you prospective couples who are bored with wedding decorations that have been widely used before, you can try this theme for your wedding decorations.

Dried flower accents decoration can look beautiful. These dried flowers have a shape that is still beautiful and unique. As decoration arrangement or as a photo booth backdrop also makes this dried flower look very beautiful and certainly rustic. In addition to this, dried flowers can also be used as a corsage, decoration on your wedding invitation or even as a hairpiece. To see some samples of rustic decorations, you can visit our Instagram @konsep_sejiwa .


Stephanie & Kevin


12 July 2019


Natural Elegance


Puri Bhagawan Bali

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