Chris & Louise

Bohemian Chic Wedding

Cortaderia Selloana has become a composition that is often used in wedding decorations in western countries. Not only during 2019, Cortaderia Selloana or best known as Pampas Grass really stole the attention during 2019. Pampas with soft fur-like texture is very flexible. This year, pampas grass quite dominates and slowly replace the presence of flowers that had dominated earlier. This Pampas Grass is very easy to put in any area.

Pampas grass is enough to steal the attention of the bride and groom this year. Pampas can be mixed and matched with other flowers and adjusted according to your liking. Some dry flowers can also add to the beauty of your wedding decorations. The combination between dried flowers and pampas will make your wedding decoration theme look more elegant and romantic.


Chris & Louise


15 June 2019


Bohemian Romance


Grand Cliff Ungasan Bali

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