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Konsep Sejiwa is a concept that speak to the heart an idea that tells a feeling creating a design that encapsulates love and the beauty of one soul. When our team gathers, we just want to show our love and passion into wedding industry with our modern designs and creativity. Through our love in flowers, mind blowing local culture, and the majestic beauty of nature. Our vision is like a poetic that comes alive, we do love clear blue sky, fresh flowers, blue ocean, a wildflower meadow and deeply falling for this Island of Gods. Tell us your concept or imagination, and we will make it alive into a dream wedding decoration.

The Bali Wedding Easy "Connect 2 Innovate" took place on Friday, 17 May 2019. The Sejiwa concept carried out the launch to coincide with the Bali Wedding Easy event at the Bali IC Center. Konsep Sejiwa introduces its own characteristics. Not only that, Konsep Sejiwa also offers service for couples who want to realize their dream of marriage. We help couples to understand the concept of marriage decoration they want.

Konsep Sejiwa is a Bali decorator that has its own characteristics that are not owned by everyone who has a wedding decoration. Konsep Sejiwa also has its own characteristics of flower styling and flower design that is unique and can be adjusted to the theme of decoration you want. Realizing the dream of a couple wedding in accordance with the concept they already have, set the budget according to the wishes of the client. Realizing all designs, styling and concepts on a wedding day. To find out more about Konsep Sejiwa you can see our portfolio and can consult directly with our bali wedding designer who will help you to realize your dream wedding decorations.

All pictures photograph by Bali Wedding Story by Why Imaging




17 May 2019


Contemporary Traditional Eclectic


IC Center Bali

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