Tessa & Mike

A Beautiful Tropical Theme Party in Tropical Island

It was almost a whole year of fun brainstorming ideas with Tessa and Mike for their wedding decoration theme. Tessa knew what she wanted and understood several types of flower that would fit the theme, so that every discussion was always on the right direction.

Tessa chose the Modern Tropical theme with several special requests for several types of flower and leaves to enliven the decoration. Like heliconia, marigolds, monstera leaves and ginger. The bright colours were chosen for the reception, such as red, green and orange and a slightly softer colour selection for the wedding ceremony, a touch of soft pink pastel.

Tessa matched all the decoration themes, wedding dresses, and all the chosen songs that were played on her wedding party. The wedding date was matched with Tessa's birthday so that the celebration felt more festive. Tessa and Mike really paid good attention to the comfort and party atmosphere they wanted. Both cared about the families and friends who came and also enlivened the wedding. Tessa and Mike paid attention to the layout, the events flow from the arrival of guests to the “after party” and always provided a very helpful input.

In terms of the wedding decorator, having a client who really understands the desired design greatly helps to smoothen the creation of 3D design. And as a wedding florist, it is very helpful to have clients who can choose their own types of flowers. It will help us when we do the combination of design and styling so that there won’t be any mismatch in the 3D design and during set up.

As a professional Bali Wedding Decorator, we are accustomed and open to discuss and bringing clients' dreams to the maximum if there’s adjustment related to the budget, types of flowers or leaves that are not available, or any needs conveyed specifically by the couple. In the end, our goal is to make clients happy on their wedding that will only last once in a lifetime. And always make them impressed and remembered every moment.


Tessa & Mike


23 November 2019


Modern Tropical Theme


Jeeva Saba

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