New Normal is a Super Exciting Moment to Restart Everything!

In this new normal moment, everyone becomes creative and every business has an “auto survival” mode that keeps the business going and attracts its customers or prospective clients.

Thus, we believe that this is the most appropriate time for prospective clients to choose their wedding vendors because all vendors will offer their best products and prices that are acceptable to everyone.

Of all the obstacles and regulations that occur during the pandemic covid19, it will be carefully considered by all vendors so that all events/weddings can run perfectly and safely.

Each of the regulation that adds other extra expenses related to events outside the original plan, can be balanced with many vendor’s special offers, along with ideas, concept, special design, and interesting package prices

We must be aware with the risk of exposure to Covid-19, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop our activities and creativities.

For the bride & groom who are confused to get married during this moment, there are so many ways and ideas / concepts for your wedding event.

Starting from re-calculate the number of guests for the safety of the party,
Expanding the wedding area, so that there won’t be number of guests gathered in a certain area.
The way of serving food are modified effectively because now all vendors are realizing the importance of security and health protocols in an event.
In terms of layout and decoration, all have realized the importance of keeping a distance and maintaining each cleanliness, so that all set-up is conditioned for the beauty and comfort as well as the health of all guests who come to the wedding. For example, decoration equipment that has been sterilized / disinfectant several hours before, all workers are a team that is declared healthy, and layouts that have prevented the accumulation / gathering of many people in a certain area.

Likewise, with the bride and groom who want to hold their wedding in Bali, all health regulations / protocols must be adapted to the situation and conditions, so it is no longer a challenge, but also should not be underestimated. Bali is still one of the most favorite wedding destinations, don’t just throw away your dream to get married in Bali.

Here are some little tips on how to choose wedding vendors before you browse about how to safely travel to Bali. Therefore, you can calculate your wedding destination budget in this New Normal Life.

Look for the best vendors that have followed the new normal and standard health regulations / protocols.
Consult the concept of your wedding and look for vendors who present special packages and examine the proposed contract before making a booking deposit. So you don’t have to feel making a wrong step / stuck, all vendors will try to be flexible for the event to run smoothly, and it won’t hurt you if you understand what you will get as well as some vendor’s basic rules.

Good luck, hopefully you can get the best wedding vendors especially wedding decorator, and Happy Planning!