Make a Better Cozy Corner on Your Wedding Cocktail and Lounge Area

This area is always been in further discussion, whether the clients want those area to be decorated or not. As a professional Bali Wedding Decoration and Florist, we know some of the weddings that held in Bali are destination weddings, which mean all the guests and families, might come from different countries or cities. That means the wedding party is the event for them to be reunited, to feel comfortable when they get to know each other.

In our opinion, the lounge area, where you can get drinks and canapes while the bride & groom get their touch up, is quite important to be decorated and styled as well.

Here are the good points that can make you consider about the cocktail & lounge area :

The cocktail drinks and canapes can be passed around after the ceremony is done. And while the couple is getting ready / touch up for their dinner reception attire/look, all the guests can be directed by the wedding planner/organizer to go to cocktail area.

Wedding Ceremony in Bali usually happens during the golden hour / before and during sunset, some people can handle the heat and some people don’t. This area, cocktail & lounge, can be their resting area to get freshen up, cold towels, and getting cold drinks and canapes.

While enjoying the sunset and cold drinks, all the guests can also enjoy the photos gallery which is showing all of the couple’s pictures or get themselves a nice photo on photo backdrop installed with suitable decoration

Also, they can check the seating arrangement or escort cards that are prepared by the decorator or wedding organizer/planner

All of these enjoyable activities can be created in cocktail & lounge area, while all vendors finalizing their work in the dinner area and preparing to clear the area so all the guests can enter the dinner area like a new different experience from the ceremony and cocktail area. We called it “the element of surprise”.

Now, let’s do the fun math to calculate your wedding decoration needs and don’t forget to add the cocktail and lounge area decoration as your main decoration as well.