Let’s create this 2020 more even magical and colorful

Though everyone is struggling during this Covid-19 Pandemic, but never stop planning your wedding dream, especially your wedding decoration. It keeps you to have fun and be creative. Let’s start from the color trend in 2020. And what’s your own favorite color? Mix them up and you can see the color palette can be applied in tons of layers.

In wedding decoration, the color palette is one of the important elements. Many wedding blogs claim the wedding color trend in 2020 is still in earth natural colors. Here are the mixture of colors, hope you can be inspired and get the decoration mood.

cinnamon rose and dusty rose
terracotta and greenery
blush pink, greenery, and cinnamon rose
modern rustic style in shades of grey
pantone rose brown and rose gold
light blue, dusty blue, and burgundy
sage green and terracotta
light beige and champagne
light grey, greenery, and foil gold

As you may know, many colors and many matching designs can be applied into a magical wedding decoration. Once you decide your color palette, the rest of décor ideas will follow. We always encourage our client to keep planning, to keep dreaming, to keep the positive vibes and to keep our energy to plan the future. We believe that planning a wedding can be the most exciting moments in our life and we need the excitement at this moment. Try to start early and save yourself from the unnecessary stress. Shall we try together?