It’s Easy! Choose the color palette, then decide the favorite concept.

That’s the way you can get an inspiration or many ideas for your own wedding decoration. As a professional wedding decorator, we often met clients who don’t know anything about decoration and don’t realize what to do at the very beginning process. But we always assist each client, give them a good advice, and direct them from the very basic needs.

Choose the color first. Everyone knows their own favorite color. From the chosen color palette, we begin to understand what clients want and need. We can direct the clients, what concept they really like after the color is chosen and we can help them to imagine how the decoration would be.

After color and concept are done, we can move to the next step which is calculation and budgeting. The combination of color dan concept will lead us to the mood boards /picture references, which will get us the decoration elements, what property should be installed, how the flowers will be arranged and how many guests will attend the wedding and which wedding program that needs decoration. All of these details will be a good brief for us to create a calculation/decoration estimation. And we will put each image as reference for each area / decoration we propose.

Shall we try? Give us a DM/Call/email, a simple calculation or fun discussion will not harm anyone during this Covid-19 break situation. Happy Trying!