How to light up your wedding decoration

That is one of the main parts of decoration that we should pay attention as well. Without lighting, your decoration set up will look “flat” and no ambiance/dimension whatsoever. Also, the decorative lighting will give a “magical ambiance” touch to a certain area.

Lighting is needed as your wedding decoration supports. Konsep Sejiwa as a professional Bali wedding decorator will provide decorative lighting such as fairy lights and lightbulbs as part of standard wedding package. Some clients will add more such as hanging chandeliers or drapes of fabrics, which should give the decoration more grandeur. This fairy lights and lightbulbs will be installed in dinner reception area and should be adjusted based on how many guests are attending, therefore the decorative lighting can light up the whole dinner area.

Decorative lighting can be arranged in many designs & stylings, start from the very simple one to the very artistic one, depends on the clients want. The price is vary, depends on the style that want to be arranged.

And to support other area rather than just dinner area, up-light /downlight lighting set up is supposed to be installed to light up a bit of the registration area, photo corner/gallery area, seating chart arrangement/welcome signage corner, and the cocktail area might need the lighting as well.

Many clients are also asking us about the lighting during their wedding program, usually we advise them to consult directly with the wedding organizer/planner because they know better about the program flow and which kind of lighting is suitable. After that, decorator and wedding organizer/planner will work together to create the lighting set up as needed.

We hope that you won’t get confused about the lighting set up anymore, as we try to give you inspirations. And we always happy to assist your decoration & lighting set up needs. Happy planning, good people!