How To Decorating Your Wedding On A Budget

Weddings are wonderful events, even without the decorations and all that details, though most brides desire a beautifully decorated wedding venue implify their dream wedding ideas here in Bali. With the right wedding decoration ideas, a couple can have an elegant, stylish event without breaking the budget. A little creative thinking and the help from your Bali’s wedding decorator will keep the wedding decorations budget-friendly and leave guests feeling as if they were at a lavish event.

Let’s start from the beginning. What do you and your fiancé enjoy? Your answers could dispel your doubts instantly. Different wedding styles are outdoor, indoor, beach, rustic, chubby chic and casual which are still favorite wedding themes here in Bali. When you have a style in mind, plan the colors and decor. Your wedding does not necessarily need to follow the latest trends, remember, you are the main actress of your wedding day. The style that makes you happy and satisfied is the only thing that counts here. Pick and stick to whatever it is that both of you decide together. You may opt for a pastel and romantic, rustic wedding, subtly elegant ceremony with flowers and string of bulbs, or even classic bohemian celebration for your garden theme. Everything that matches your personality and style is allowed.

The venue also plays a significant role. One of our tips to save on wedding decorations is to pick a fabulous wedding venue such as a gorgeous chapel in Uluwatu, beachfront wedding venue in Canggu or breathtaking cliff with ocean view in South Bali. After all, if the venue is gorgeous, you shouldn’t have to do a lot to enhance the space and your Bali wedding decorator will work the best to bring your dream wedding to come true.