How to create your wedding decoration budget more sufficient

We’re happy and excited to acknowledge that many sectors in our daily life/routine has already back to “normal” / active after long self- quarantine during Pandemic Covid19. We have noticed that some of those sectors are already adapt “the new normal” or at least making some adjustments. We’ve been pushed to be more creative and efficient in any level to manage all the needs, including in wedding industry, especially in wedding / event decoration.

Yes, we have some traveling regulations and long list of documents to be completed to allow us travel or hold an event. We’re fully aware, that those new regulations will cost more than usual and it will affect to wedding destination. But as we know as well, “some shows are still must go on” by making some adjustments as many as we can, as many as we can afford.

We can call it as a New normal or efficiency in wedding decoration, but we, as professional Bali wedding decoration and floral styling, will ensure you that all of those will apply:

Physical distancing
Safe & hygiene in decoration items
Beautiful in details
More exploration in concept, design, and styling
Budget wise as needed (you can do it even in your own spacious backyard)
Intimate wedding party vibes

So, let’s keep our hopes as high as we can. Here are some ideas to give you more inspiration and encouragement for keeping your wedding dream in mind.

To make your budget more sufficient without reducing the quality, try to use all decoration materials from local market and local suppliers. By doing so, you also support local economy to grow back to its feet.
Reduce all production materials and costs, try to modified every material that has been used, no need to customize anything new. By doing so, you also support nature to avoid industrial waste during production process
The perks of having wedding / event in Bali, you already have a venue with beautiful view / natures to enjoy. By doing so, you can use anything that nature already provides, you just have to give more facilitation in terms of event needs and a little upgrade for the ambiance look in the event area.

let’s create your magical wedding!