How to Adjust Your Wedding Decoration Budget During New Normal Health Protocols

Bali welcomes the news of the opening of several tourist attractions for local residents starting July 9, opening for local domestic tourists starting July 30, 2020 and for international tourists in September 2020. Let’s remain disciplined in applying health protocols that are applied in every aspect of social and economic life so that the new normal can run smoothly as expected.

From the wedding industry, some vendors are already have several package offers with special prices or special discounts during the 2020 period for clients who are preparing their wedding in Bali. The goal is rather for prospective clients, bride & groom to be who still feel comfortable to make wedding preparations while at the same time many travel requirements to Bali must be prepared and completed.

As you’ve been informed, for the current requirements, what you have to prepare according to the circulate letter, are:

Show valid personal identification
Provide a negative result certificate of Polymerase Chain Reaction-based swabs (PCR) or non-reactive test certificates of Rapid Test with the validity period of 14 days from the issued date. In order to facilitate traveller, Indonesia Health Minister stated the highest price point of rapid test should be Rp150,000 or below.
Fill in the report application form on and show the QR code to the airport verification officer
For those who don’t have a Bali ID card but with special reasons have to stay in Bali, require to show a negative result certificate of Polymerase Chain Reaction-based swabs (PCR) or non-reactive test certificates of Rapid Test from certified institutions , conduct self-quarantine, and complete the statement letter and guarantee letter which can be downloaded from

We understand that all requirements that must be completed will result in a domino effect to the needs of other wedding preparations. Therefore, here are some ideas from Bali Wedding Decorator side:
New normal package, where everything has been adjusted from the number of guests and decoration themes that adjust the estimated budget
Eliminating the decoration section which will lead to an increase in human traffic (queuing and the like), such as registration and photo corner, maybe can be replaced with a photo gallery section instead and registration can be done by online RSVP
Arrange together with Wedding planners, venues, and catering with layouts that implement physical distancing which can be taken into consideration to increase the number of tables for guests or can also directly reduce the number of guests than what was originally planned. So that all event flows can be well arranged to smoothen the next preparation.
Simplify the chosen design / decoration theme design so there won’t be long set-up hours and many people needed, in connection with venue regulations in terms of set-up hours and the maximum number of workers allowed in each event