Destination Wedding is always fun

We all know, Bali is one of the most favorite islands for a Destination Wedding, with all the views and traditional culture. As Bali Wedding Decoration, we also know that most people have their dream to create the wedding as an unforgettable precious moment, supported by nice ambiance, all beloved families & friends, beautiful wedding venue, professional vendors and pretty decoration which designed & styled carefully.

In normal situation this dream can happen in anytime, in any place, we can assist for all decoration works along with managing the budget that couples wanted to spend. We are that flexible. But during this corona virus pandemic break, all weddings that are already planned or still under planning in the midst of corona virus hysteria should considered to postpone because all events or weddings are affected. And many small businesses are asking for their clients understanding to not canceling their event/wedding but to postpone it until everything is back to normal. All professional vendors in Bali are already acknowledge this situation. We regularly maintain the cleanliness of our office, teams and props in accordance with government recommendations. The safety of the client is our top priority.

We aren’t here to make the situation even harder, but we’re here to comfort and make the bride and groom who are still planning their wedding to keep their spirits up. It is not a problem to discuss first and ask “millions of possibilities” including the contents of the contract/agreement if there is a date changing.

Let’s make your wedding still full of excitement. Let’s make it unforgettable beautifully in Bali.