Beach Wedding in New Normal.

More and more marriages are taking place or planned in the new normal era, also known as the new beginning. Because after all, marriage is a life process that will continue to occur and should be celebrated even in various ways and abilities. And open-air weddings or often called outdoor weddings are becoming favourite option today, mainly because they are seen from a security and health perspective. Have you thought about the best and most comfortable wedding decorations for your family, relatives, friends and yourself?

Bali is one of the best wedding destinations with the best views. And talking about the best view in Bali, the beach is always the top choice of many prospective brides. Beach weddings are one of the favorite outdoor wedding choices. By getting married in Bali, the bride and groom can choose several beaches with very different views and even get a legalized wedding at the same time.

Here are some preparations that can be done for a beach wedding in Bali:

Flexible vendors and venues selection with an attractive price offers.
Choose a vendor who has flexibility in contract, discretion and change of date when needed. With all wedding events postponed to 2021, flexibility in agreement between clients and vendors is desperately needed. The smoother the collaboration, the easier the event can be held.
Do local weddings!
In this pandemic moment, all wedding vendors are supporting each other in order to build the economy and revive the wedding industry. Therefore, using all local vendors in Bali will greatly help people’s lives and the local wedding industry. Meanwhile, the bride and groom and families can focus on the beautiful moments that will occur.
Green eco friendly and sustainable wedding.
Directing all designs and decorations set-up to make it more personal, sustainable and organic so that the large wedding budget can be maintained and the dream of getting married in Bali will still be fulfilled. Beaches in Bali, with all their beauty, certainly don’t need much decoration anymore.
Elopement weddings.
For the concept of a wedding party with a very limited number of guests, minimalist, private and intimate decorations, of course it will be very easy to find a suitable beach in Bali. In fact, you can find several beaches that are still isolated or difficult to reach but have amazing views.
Go local and Go virtual!
When some of the guests, friends and relatives gather on video streaming to witness a beautiful wedding with an unforgettable beach view, video streaming has various positive factors in holding events that are safe and comfortable for all parties, guests do not need to travel and can prevent large gatherings of guests. A maintained budget can be used for other needs that are more important and suitable for this pandemic condition.

As for the form of decoration, layout and decoration set up itself, beach weddings have advantages that can be considered :
Unique and creative details will be highlighted even more in wedding decorations during the midst of this pandemic. All vendors are expected to collaborate and bring out their best creations.
Health & safety measures.
Before guests enter the area, keep checking the body temperature, provide an area for washing hands, using hand sanitizers, hand gloves, face shields. Even the prospective bride and groom can provide a “care package” which contains all the needs of these health & safety measures.

Let’s find the perfect beach for your dream wedding party!