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Konsep Sejiwa

Sebuah konsep yang menyuarakan hati

sebuah ide yang menceritakan rasa

menciptakan desain yang merangkum cinta

dan keindahan yang sejiwa.

A concept that speaks to the heart

an idea that tells a feeling

creating a design that encapsulates love

and the beauty of one soul.

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Know Us Better

When our team gather, we just want to show our love and passion into wedding industry through our modern designs and creativity, through our love in flowers, through our love in mind blowing local culture, and the majestic beauty of nature. Our vision is like a poetic that comes alive, we do love clear blue sky, fresh flowers, blue ocean, a wildflower meadow and deeply falling for this Island of Gods. Tell us your concept or imagination, and we will make it alive into a dream wedding decoration.

 Create beautiful and functional decoration. 

Customized Design or Package

What is the difference? This will lead you to the wedding/event decoration that you desired. We have variety of packages that you can choose with all the template price and decoration details. Or you prefer to bring your own dream into reality, so everyone can get the personal touch from you.From rustic to elegant, from natural to luxury, or from your favorite bohemian to modern eclectic theme.

Budgeting and Do A Fun Math.

As hard as we can accept, but budget is still number one. Before you surf far away, you need to know your limitation and imagination, and meet in between. Know what you want and get what your best choice. People who contact us is a person who believe that we will match each other, in needs, and grow every unique/original ideas together within our discussion. We assist the couple so they can have faith that their wedding will be wonderful, everlasting and unforgettable. We assist the decoration enquiry and do the fun math.

Trend and Our Own Story.

Trend will drive what people what and change what people have visualized. Good pictures will make people confuse about their own dream that might be already built in years. But we can simply please our client that-- this is their special day and their budget, and just do what will make them (and family) satisfy, happy, and also comfortable.

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